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About Us

WHO we are

Fair2Care believes that one of the best ways to promote the upward economic mobility of the underprivileged people is to develop their human potential through social enterprise

We believe that through recognizing their values, people can bring opportunities to the underprivileged and can turn these opportunities into sustained positive impact on the world. 

At Fair2Care, we offer you an opportunity to make a difference today, by connecting you with those who have always had the skill, but previously lacked the means of tradeGet involved today!


WHAT we do

Fair2Care is a global marketplace where every purchase makes a positive impact on the underprivileged people.

The simple idea is to sell goods that are made by underprivileged people and make sure they themselves are the ones that get benefit for their work.  Fair trade that ensures survival to many underprivileged.

There are stories behind products and life – a chance for you to learn more about the makers of the gifts and the underprivileged people you cared.  


How we do

Fair2Care acts as an on line charity-based fair trade retailer that offer shelf space for selected goods from our partners includcharities take care of the homeless, disabled, mentally handicapped, the underprivileged people in Yi minority; and the leprosy-recovered persons in Yunnan, China etc.

Shop with us and we offer you a peace of mind knowing that your purchases will empower the disadvantaged people and help them develop their skill and their lives.


Our Vision

The underprivileged people are no longer merely recipients of donations, but people with opportunities to develop their skill and their lives.


Our Mission

1. To care the underprivileged people through fair trade e-commerce.

2. To empower the underprivileged people for developing their skill and their lives.

3. To bring people together to change the world.

4. To spread the message of "Love one another".