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Donations Focus

Their stories and their good deeds toward lives touched many in the world, are you one of them?  Fair2Care will donate 100% profits to the selected charity or people from the following nominated list according to their needs.

Hidden Treasures Home
Mike and Deena Van't Hul, began Hidden Treasures Home in 2005, located just outside Fuzhou, in the small village of Shadi. They now have 2 homes and additional cottages, where they care for special needs children with the help of their staff of Chinese nationals. You can find information about what they do, on adopting children from China, visiting the foster home, and how you can get involved under their website http://www.loavesandfishesintl.com/index.php


HomeSweetHome is one of our suppliers and also one of the beneficial organizations for our donation. Their Vision is equipping the needy who have special needs to fulfill their full individual potential in the community. Loving and caring for those with special needs by building their character in a loving home environment and developing their skills through education and training, and assisting their integration by being the bridge between the communbity and the needy ones is their mission.  For more details, please visit
http://www.homesweethome.org.cn/ or click "Stories Behind Products” in this website.


The Yi minority 
The underprivileged people of Yi minority villages located in Yunnan and Sichuan are our products makers. Fair2Care make sure they themselves are the ones that get benefits for their work like all our other suppliers.  Plus we will donate our profits to those who are even less fortune in their village and with no skill to develope yet!  Please refer "Journal" in this site for more related stories.


istock-000015736267xsmall.jpg      From China with Care