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2020 Easter


Jesus could overcome death and was resurrected. After the resurrection, he met with the disciples and more than 500 brothers and sisters.
God gave us a gift of eternal life, and free will to choose accept it or not.
May you and I understand the meaning of Jesus' resurrection deeper.  May the not yet believing you can accept this unique gift one day.
Happy Easter!


2019 News products form Iran



2019 Bazaars




2018 May - 2019 April Our sabbatical year!

(in Bible) during Sabbatical year, the land was allowed to rest and eat what growth from the land naturally. 

(in Fair2Care) during Sabbatical year, we allowed ourselves to stop promotion and to only work on order that comes naturally.  


20818 Bazaars

2018-bazaar.jpg  2018-bazaar-1.jpg  2018-bazaar-2.jpg



2017 February Shanghai

Come and join us in Shanghai....

Feb 25 13:00- 16:30

No 35, 1051 Hong Quan Lu 

Shanghai, China


2017 Chinese New Year Bazaar

Wish you have a blessed year of the Rooster!  May you have even more chances to bless others. 



2016 Merry Christmas



April, 2015 Happy Easter

Wearing the crown of thorns
He was crucified
burial into the tomb

He is not in the tomb
for Jesus is risen from the death

Resurrected Jesus had been seen by
more than 500 people

Jesus ate breakfast with His disciples

The resurrected Jesus ascended into the sky


Feb, 2015 Wish you a blessed year of Lamb



Sept, 2014 Fair2Care's recent Bazaars photos collection


Aug, 2014 Fair2Care's Chinese name and Weixin


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May, 2014 Fair2Care @ SEE market Shanghai


Promotion @ https://www.facebook.com/hChannel.TV


Feb - Mar, 2014 Fair2Care @ SEE market Shanghai



 Nov - Dec, 2013 Bazaars & news

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Bazaar @ WISS PuXi Campus

Date: December 7, 2013
Time: 11am – 3pm
Venue: No.555, Lian Min Road, Xujing Town, Qing Pu, Shanghai, China


October 2013, UpComing Bazaar @ Fair2Care
Event: SSIS International Family Bazaar
Date: Saturday, 26 October, 2013
Time:10:00 - 16:00
Venue: 301 Zhu Jian Lu, Minhang, Shanghai, China




October 2013, bless the underprivileged kids with a click!

Our current target is to turn the rebates from your purchases to internet access time for the underprivileged kids.  They already got the donated used computers and now you can bless them through your daily purchase.  If the idea move your heart....remeber to click the links under Fair2Care for your purchase.  


Turn your daily purchase (China) into blessing, see details
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September 2013, UpComing Bazaars @ Fair2Care
Event: Back to School Bazaar
Date: Saturday, September 14, 2013
Time:10:00 - 14:00
Venue: No.360 Xing Le East Road, Zhu Di Town, Minhang, Shanghai, China

Event: SAS Pu Dong Fall Carnival
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013
Time: 11:00 - 15:00
Venue: 1600 Ling Bai Lu, Shanghai Links, San Jai Gang, Pudong, Shanghai, China


June 2013,  Circus Carnival & Bazaars in Shanghai

** cancelled due to bad weather **



May 2013,  Bazaars in Shanghai



Feb 2013, China: Buy your good deal flight-tickets and/or daily necessities via http://www.fair2care.com/china/, rebate benefits the underprivileged!



Feb 2013, Happy Year of the snake


Feb 2013, Lovely message @ www.hChannel.tv & Fair2Care FB page



Jan 2013, Ethical-click: best air-ticket for you and rebate for the underprivileged!



Dec 2012, www.hChannel.tv & Fair2Care support you for the ethical consumption

Get your 7% discount coupon by sharing comments in our facebook page about good places for ethical consumption or your thoughts!  Let everyone enjoy a more meaningful Christmas! 



Nov 2012, Visited one of our beneficiaries - Hidden Treasures Home

A meaningful trip at a meaningful charity.  Hidden Treasures Home is a full of love and joy orphanage.  You can also visit them or work there as a volunteers...For sure, you will be blessed.


Oct 2012, See you at SAS 18th Annual International Fair in Shanghai


Our booth @ the fair



Aug 2012, products from “moonbeam” is available @ Fair2Care

Moonbeam’s handmade products with hand-cut and hand-embroidery pattern are available for your purchase. All patterns were cut freely along with the Yi-ladies' born with artistic mind therefore every single piece is unique. Your purchase will support the Moonbeam to give the underprivileged Yi-ladies (families) a life-changing opportunity.


July 2012, Caring project in Yunnan

Thanks to the handicraft project and the own effort of the Yi-villagers, the financial situation of most of the related families are improving. The corn-grinding machine donation to Mrs. Li’s family was running smoothly…..Your “care & love” is now at her home and she promised to make good use of the machine and offer help to others in need like her.  The handicrafts makers were joyful to know that you, people living far away, care about them……purchased their products and helping their neighborhood who is in needs.

In this trip we also sent rice and oil to some families including an old lady, Ms. Huang, she can’t see anything since more than 10 years ago.  But luckily, she is still healthy and without help from others, she can still set on fire for cooking (most of them are still burning wood for cooking) and take care of herself for daily life.  During our conversation, she moved her head and "looking" to the direction of the speaker. It seems that she can barely “see” the movement of the speaker. If her blindness was caused by eye-disease, she may get chance to get her sight back with financial support from others. Then she can live a happier and easier life for the rest of her live. We still have to investigate how to help this old lady.


 2-corn-grinding-.jpg   copy-of-dsc-0133.jpg 


May, 2012 find us at bazaars in Shanghai and 1st caring action to Yi-minority

If you are living in Shanghai or by chance you are visiting Shanghai from now till early June. We invite you to visit our booth and check out our products. Some of the products are only available for these bazaars. Check out our facebook page for details.  http://www.facebook.com/Fair2Care

May  5 : 10:00-15:00 : Community Center - HQ, 201, Lane 3215 Hong Mei Lu

May 12: 10:00-15:00: Community Center Shanghai Pudong (Jinqiao), Greenhills Clubhouse, Lane 418 Jinxiu Dong Lu

May 15: 10:00-15:00: Charity Bazaar, 630 Yong Jia Lu (near Wu Lu Mu Qi Lu)

May 19: 10:00-15:00: Shanghai American School Puxi campus, 258 Jin Feng Lu, Huacao Town, Minhang

May 26: 11:00-17:00: Shanghai Racquet Club & Apartments, Apartment 8G GB Grand Slam Circle, 555 Jin Feng Road, Hua Cao Town, Minhang

June 9: 10:00-14:00: Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten, 3908 Hong Mei Lu

Meanwhile, We are preparing the 1st caring action for the Yi minority families. Even though Fair2Care is not break-even yet but there are few premium sales from very supportive customers. They just want to show their care and love to the underprivileged Yi-minority families far away in Yunnan. Special thanks to those special customers!


April, 2012  Fair2Care products are now available in "In-Art House"

Fair2Care products are now available in "In-Art House", Hong Kong west railway-Nan Cheong station shop S5 (near exit C ,D).  The shop is managed by HKSKH Lady Maclehose Center to mainly help the underprivileged group.



March 15, 2012 One more partner - World of Art Brut Culture

World of Art Brut Culture (WABC) offers you unique products with design created by mentally handicapped people. You will be surprised by their art talent. For more details about WABC, click here!


Feb 03, 2012  our e-store is on facebook now!

Have you tried window shopping on facebook?  Be the first one to check it out!  Just launched!!  Of course you can also shop from the e-store!  www.facebook.com/Fair2Care


Dec 08, 2011 www.fair2care.com is launched

Announcing the "birth" of www.fair2care.com, a charity based fair trade e-store!  If your birthday is also Dec 8 like our founder's goddaughter, Ruth, we wish you a very blessed birthday and hope you will be a blessing to others especially to the people with needs. Our first month profits will be donated to the underprivileged families in Yi minority.   Reason behind the donation is as below.


Nov, 2011 Fair2Care was founded

Fair2Care was founded on November 16, 2011 and is registered in Hong Kong.  Details is available at "The Cyber Search Centre of the Integrated Companies Registry Information System" : http://www.icris.cr.gov.hk/csci/ 


April, 2011 Charities’ handicraft workshops visits

Our founder was in Sichuan and Yunnan in April. The main purpose of this trip was to meet few charities’ handicraft workshops and understand their work and their needs.

It took 3 hours on bus from Kunming to a village called luchuan plus 4 hours from Luchuan to Shayianpan where the Yi village is located. The bus rides were going up and down along the mountain so it offered 7 hours “massage” on her back and beautiful scenery for her eyes. Visiting those underprivileged families in Yi village were even an experience to her.

At the beginning of the communication there, she asked few times how much is their average income per year for one family in Yi village without answer....After few days, she got the answer....Because most of the families there actually got no income at all.  They cultivate for their daily life on their own field.  They eat what they can produce and sell some of the crops to buy rice, oil and salt etc.  Most of the people there are poor but few families are even worst as from the eye of those poor people these few families really need help.

For example, Li’s family (a widow with 2 sons), the mother faced difficulties to raise two sons on her own hands, the elder son was once living with a Korean family for a year but found it difficult to adopt the city living style in Kunming and returned to the village. He then talked to his mother…."if you don’t raise me up, you shouldn’t give birth to me.  Now, you gave birth to me, why you don’t raise me up.  Her mother got no choice but to keep him and try very hard to do all the hard work on field. Now with some helps from others she barely got enough foods for the family of three.  Mrs. Li is actually very tiny (like a 12-14 year old girl) so you can imagine how difficult for her to do all kind of work on field without cow or horse to assist her. During China New Year when their two and only two pigs are getting bigger, they will sell one for money and kill the other pig for their meals for the coming WHOLE year. Pigs die because of diseases is common there.  If it happens, Li family will face even difficult situation.

Another case is that a family will only have meal when they received some food from people or church

The handicraft project in this Yi village allowed some families earn a bit more money and also benefited some kids in these underprivileged families for their study at school.  If their handicraft can have a better channel to market then it can help more people in this Yi village.