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Stories Behind Products

Our partners include charities who are taking care of homeless people, the underprivileged people in Yi minority, the leprosy-recovered persons and the mentally handicapped people in China. Please find below the stories of behind the products: 


HomeSweetHome: Their objective is to help the homeless and the disabled, whom are at the edge of society. They lack the opportunities that others might have and are often without the support structure we all need.  They provide a place of community, training and employment to help their trainees discover emotional healing and self-development, so the underprivileged people too can have a brighter future.  They provide these opportunities through their in-house, two years training program consisting of employment in their workshop or office, live-in housing, counseling services, and eventually job-placement assistance.


Handicraft by Yi Minority: Every piece of Yi Minority handicraft has a story of hardship and pain behind it.  The proceeds from the sale of these handicrafts go towards helping Yi women in Yunnan who are caught in a vicious cycle or poverty.  Your purchase helps support these women and their families, giving them hope for a better future.  


Agape Community Based Rehabilitation Development Center: a small local organization serves people who were cured of leprosy but have disabilities on their eyes, hands and feet.  Their aim is to support them in their physical, psychological, economies and social rehabilitation.  Your purchase supports the livelihood of individuals and families disadvantaged by leprosy in Yunnan, China.  For more details, please watch a short video about their project http://my.tv.sohu.com/u/vw/5701746

Remark: "Agape Community Based Rehabilitation Development Center" continues the work of "Bless China International Community Based Rehabilitation Department" which was started by Ms. Jean M Watson, former consultant to the WHO. She was retired and is now living in her hometown. 


World of Art Brut Culture (WABC):  They are registered as a private non-profit organization in August of 2010 under the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. WABC has pioneered two unique visual art means to serve China’s mentally handicapped population. The organization offers community art classes, providing every handicapped student a chance to express themselves and to unlock their artistic potentials.  WABC offers the general public an opportunity to benefit from their art talent through the unique products with designs created by the students, eventually building a bridge of understanding between this social venerable population and the main society. 


Moonbeam Ethnic workshop: Moonbeam is a small workshop in Sichuan and they provide training and working opportunities for Yi-minority youth and ladies. Your purchase will support the organization to give the underprivileged Yi-ladies and their families a life-changing opportunity. The pattern design, colors and the production method reflect the uniqueness of the Yi-minority culture.


Eden Ministry: Eden serves to restore freedom for the captives of Asia's red light districts through holistic programs- transforming body, mind and spirit. Using their international jewellery business as a platform, they provide career and skill training- empowering women for a new life and future. They continually innovate prevention and outreach programs- transforming entire communities. Eden is a voice to the oppressed, a light to the darkness.